My name is Phoebe Kemp and I am an actor based near Bath, UK. I love to read and have always liked Jane Austen. Recently, I’ve joined theatre company The Ruffled Umbrella Company for their newest production “An Evening at Home with the Austens”, which has reminded me how much I like Jane Austen! This blog is about my experiences with the play, my “first impressions” with her novels compared with now, and my first experiences with all the Jane Austen inspired books there are out there! If you want to hear more from me, including daily Austen Quotes and Facts you can follow me on Twitter @PhoebeERKemp and @RuffledUmbrella (the company Twitter page that I mostly run!) You can find more about the company here: http://www.ruffledumbrella.co.uk and more about me here: http://www.phoebekemp.co.uk


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  1. The book, The Jane Austen Book Club is what reignited my love of Austen! I went out an bought a beautiful book box-set and they’ve had pride of place on my bookshelf ever since! Good luck with the acting!

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