Wrapped up in a £10 Note

I’m not sure how many UK based readers I have on this blog, or how many of you have been following the controversy over the next £5 in the UK. Basically, on the back of every note, there is a picture of a historical figure whose made a contribution to British Society. Currently, there is only one woman(bar the Queen, who is on the front of every note) on a note, and that is Elizabeth Fry a social and prison reformer from the 1800s. However, its time for that note to be changed, and Winston Churchill has been picked to replace her. I have nothing against Winston Churchill, and he is obviously a key figure in our history, but I completely understand the uproar. It seems completely fair to replace a woman with a woman, especially as all the others are men. In fact, I think the treasury should be moving towards a 50% split of important women in our history – there is a huge amount to choose from. And it would be such a simple way of making sure those women are in peoples conciousness, and to show women have contributed equally to society.

The most recent news in “Notegate” is that the next note due for a change – the £10 – will feature Jane Austen! No date as yet, but in the next few years she’ll be in lots of peoples wallets and pockets! Hopefully a trend will follow and lots of other women will appear on notes in the future.


Phoebe x


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