Where I’ve been…

Helloo! So, as you may have noticed, I’ve not been around for a few days. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll notice I’ve not been there either. Why? Because I was on the committee for Box Revels! Box Revels is a big all weekend celebration on the second May bank holiday in my village. The Friday night was the Banquet(fish and chips, ice cream, live entertainment) a vintage fair on the Saturday, and an open air screening of the Hunger Games in the evening, interpub cricket on the Sunday and a barn dance in the evening, and a big fete day on the Saturday. So I’ve been pretty busy since Thursday! But what does this have to do with Jane Austen? Well, if the vote on the theme had gone differently, it would have been Regency for the 200th Anniversary of Pride and Prejudice, rather than Sci-Fi for the 50th Anniversary for Doctor Who.(We had a Tardis though, which was pretty awesome) Anyway, I hope to catch you up on some more Jane Austeness soon, including my trip to buy some Jane Austen inspired books 🙂



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