Pride and Prejudice starring Me!

I blogged the other day about my performing in scenes from Pride and Prejudice – however, this was not the first time I got to star in the novel.

When I was at drama school my housemates got me a personalised classic. If you’ve not come across these before, they are books that are printed with the names of the characters changed to suit the person who the gift is for. So I am there as Phoebe Bennet, with Mr Darcy as himself(as I was single at the time!), my housemates who are a couple as Miss Bennet and Mr Bingley and my other housemate as Lydia. Their names were of course changed in the book, but don’t want to share their identity without position. If I can get permission, I’ll edit it later. Finally, Wickham became Richard Wickham, named after a cuddly toy raven my housemate got from the tower of London, and became a bit of a house mascot. Strange I know, but we had quite a geeky house for for students, and turned our spare room into a library.(Which was awesome)

Anyway, as I’ve decided to re-read all of the Austen novels, I thought why not read the one in which I star 🙂

Phoebe x


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