Me dressed Austenesque

Me dressed Austenesque

One of the same housemates – Jane Bennet from my previous host – had an Austen-themed birthday party in her first year. Quite strangely, a lot of people thought she meant Austin Powers.
My house mate is a big sewer and knitter, and made herself a regency gown to wear for the occasion. I bought myself a white period-esque (though I think Victorian rather than Georgian) nightie/undergarment thing, and used a belt to create the high waist. It wasn’t fantastic, but with the money I had and the complete lack of sewing skills I don’t it was the best I could manage! And I did get to have pretty ringlets that made a difference.
The same friend has been mid making me a regency dress for about three years now – hopefully will be able to get it finished so we can take it on tour! I felt very lucky wearing the costumes at Jane Austen’s House Museum and for “An Evening at Home with the Austens”. If you want to read more about them, check out my other posts 🙂



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